Top 5 Healthy Halloween Dental Tips

Parents should be mindful of the effects of Halloween treats on overall health without spoiling all of the enjoyment for your children. We have compiled a list of our favorite Healthy Halloween Dental Tips to help keep your children’s smile healthy during the Halloween season and all year. Our Top 5 Healthy Halloween Dental Tips:

  1. Timing Your Sweet Indulgences:
    Eat Halloween candy after mealtime. Your salivary glands are kicked in gear when you have a meal. The production of saliva helps to naturally rinse the food particles away. This also helps rid the bacteria from the sugary foods that can cause tooth decay.
  2.  Staying Properly Hydrated:
    Drinking plenty of water each day not only keeps you hydrated, it keeps your teeth strong. Drinking water helps flush away debris and bacteria that are harmful if left to grow and flourish. Make water your primary source for hydration and stay away from sweet drinks. Sweet beverages keep the teeth in frequent contact with sugar increasing the risk of tooth decay.
  3.  Eating Nutritious Meals:
    Diets high in sugar are dangerous not to your overall wellness, but also can wreak havoc on your teeth. Teaching your children the importance of healthy eating habits will keep them fueled-up and help keep their teeth and gums in top shape.
  4. Choosing Your Sweets:
    Just as the time you choose to enjoy your sweet treats is important, the length of time these sugary foods remain in your mouth plays a role as well. Hard candies that you hold in your mouth for a longer time keep your teeth saturated in sugar. Also, sticky candies cling to your teeth such as taffy and gummy bears. These stickier candies take longer to get washed away by saliva and increase the risk of tooth decay. Softer sweets that dissolve quickly are more favorable. 
  5. Brushing Twice a Day:
    Lastly, we always encourage proper oral hygiene as one of the top picks to maintaining oral health during any holiday season and all year long. Brushing twice a day and flossing between the teeth will ensure that the plaque that has accumulated throughout the day has been properly removed.

Palm Harbor Premier Dental would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. We encourage everyone to enjoy the sweeter things in life while maintaining long-lasting dental health. Be sure to keep your dental checkups every 6 months and stay on top of your professional cleanings, x-rays and examinations. Call us today for further questions or to schedule your dental checkup at (813) 289 – 0560.


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