February 9th is National Toothache Day

Did you know there is a national day dedicated to toothache pain? No kidding! February 9th is National Toothache Day! While having a toothache is no cause for celebration, being toothache free is something to be commemorated. Palm Harbor Premier Dental would like to use National Toothache Day to remind all of our patients the importance of staying on top of your dental care and how to stay toothache free!

Toothaches are painful and unpleasant. Simply put, they are just no fun. It should be a priority to stay on top of your home dental routine to minimize the risk of developing dental problems that cause toothaches. Avoiding toothaches starts with a proper dental hygiene routine at home. Be sure to brush properly for at least 2 minutes twice daily and floss everyday. Along with a rigorous home hygiene routine, keeping your regular, professional cleanings and checkups is just as important to keep painful toothaches at bay.

Tips to Remaining Toothache Free on National Toothache Day & All Year Long:
    • Brush at least twice a day
    • Floss at least once a day
    • Avoid sugary / acidic foods and drinks
    • Avoid the use of tobacco products
    • Keep up with dental checkups & cleanings

A toothache is your body’s way of telling you that something’s not quite right. And you should listen! Don’t live with the discomfort of a toothache. We will do a thorough examination, dental x-rays and professional cleaning to determine the cause of your pain and the best treatment for you. If you are suffering from a toothache in Palm Harbor, we encourage you to take action and call us as soon as possible. We’ll perform an in depth examination to determine the cause of your pain and work with you to get you toothache free and smiling. Contact Palm Harbor Premier Dental at (813) 289 – 0560 promptly. We are here to help.

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