Cinco De Mayo, May 5th, is a day of celebration that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. Many people will be celebrating this holiday at their favorite Mexican restaurant with a salt-rimmed margarita, tortilla chips with salsa and a signature “spicy” Mexican dish. These fiery foods pack a powerful punch that can break you into a sweat. We can all agree that this food is appetizing and keeps us craving more, but we would like to open the discussion:

Is spicy food bad for your teeth?

Perhaps the most recognizable and distinctive ingredient in Mexican cuisine is the chili pepper. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which help minimize infection and also believed to alleviate pain. Another commonly used ingredient to spice up a dish is onion. Onions are packed with manganese, which helps bind calcium to bones and teeth. There are a variety of chili spices that are often used to add some heat. Chili spices are loaded with vitamin A that promotes strong bones and teeth. Spicy foods also stimulate salivary production, which acts as a natural cleanser to wash away bacteria and debris.

Foods that are high in spice can actually have a positive effect on your teeth in moderation. Of course, too much of anything is never a good thing. Frequent consumption of chili peppers can be too acidic and cause erosion of enamel. Also, most of these zesty dishes are topped with a tangy squeeze of lime. Any citrus can be harsh on your teeth when consumed too frequently.

At Palm Harbor Premier Dental we believe that variety is the spice of life so celebrate and enjoy your favorite spicy foods in moderation. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and rinse the food particles and bacteria away. Maintain proper dental care at home, regular checkups and professional cleanings. Contact your Palm Harbor Dentist at (813) 289 – 0560 to make your next appointment and keep your smile in excellent health.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo from your Palm Harbor Dentist Staff at Palm Harbor Premier Dental!

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Here at Palm Harbor Premier Dental, we want to say thank you to each of our patients that help make our practice so special. We are grateful for each and every one of you and your wonderful smiles. We wish all of you the best holiday season possible.


Of course we all like to splurge on our Thanksgiving Day feast and have an abundance and variety of our favorite foods. There are some foods that are not only delicious, but are quite healthy. Because we focus on the oral health of our patients, we would like to share some Thanksgiving Day foods that are good for your teeth.



Turkey is the big staple of this Holiday and it’s very good for your teeth. It is loaded with protein and has the highest amount of phosphorus, which rebuilds hydroxyapatite matrices (enamel) that have been damaged from acid-producing bacteria.



For those that perhaps do not eat meat, you can still get a good source of protein from green leafy vegetables. Spinach has an abundance of protein and is a good source of iron and Vitamin A. Spinach has a large amount of oxalic acid so it may leave a fuzzy feeling in your mouth. Just rinse with water if this is bothersome.


Sweet Potatoes & Mashed Potatoes

There are a good amount of vitamins in potatoes. Even though they are starchy, they do not stick to your teeth like many other starchy foods that are a haven for bacteria.


Dairy Products

Mashed potatoes wouldn’t be the same without some creamy milk in the mix. Milk has calcium, which is great from your teeth. Dairy is also low in acidity and sugar so indulge in a nice helping or two.



Cranberries are tart and juicy and are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and potassium. They help prevent tooth decay by interfering with bacteria’s ability to stick to your teeth and forming dental plaque.



Pumpkin, carrots and squash (orange foods) are rich in Vitamin A. Our bodies use Vitamin A to form tooth enamel. They are also a good source of minerals like copper, calcium and phosphorus, which protects your gums. Calcium also helps in the development and re-mineralization of teeth.


We hope you found our article “Thanksgiving Day Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth” helpful. Thanksgiving is even more joyful when our loved ones are healthy and happy. Be sure not to let the busy holiday season distract you from keeping your teeth in great health. Schedule your next dental appointment with us at (813) 289 – 0560. 


Happy Thanksgiving from Palm Harbor Premier Dental!




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