Dental X-Ray Safety Concerns & Risks

Concerned about dental x-ray safety? Let us put your worries to rest. The amount of radiation used in dental x-ray technology is minimal and have significantly decreased with advances in technology. The benefits in dental x-rays far outweigh the risks. They are vital in the diagnostic process to ensure proper dental treatment.

Uses for Dental X-Rays Include:
  • Identify problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw
  • Pin point cavities and wisdom teeth that may be hidden
  • Show bone loss and other oral problems that are usually not visible during a visual exam
  • They are useful for follow-up visit after dental treatment
Dental X-Ray Technology

The exposure in dental offices is far lower than in hospitals and other medical facilities. Digital x-rays are becoming the new standard in most dental practices. Digital x-rays use 50% less film speed than the recommended standard amount. This plays a direct role in the amount of exposure during routine dental examinations.

Additionally, dental x-ray units have a cone to focus the x-ray beam. This cone allows the beam to only expose the area of concern localizing the exposure and also minimizing exposure to other parts of your body.

We take your protection a step further with the use of lead aprons that drape your body to reduce the amount of scatter radiation. Lead aprons are used as a precaution for pregnant women along with a thyroid collar for additional safety precautions.

Minimizing Exposure

We all get radiation exposure not only from healthcare diagnostic treatments, but environmental factors as well. Since radiation can accumulate in our bodies over our lifetime, additional exposure should be kept to a minimum and only used for necessary diagnostic treatment.

Dental X-Ray Inquiries

At Palm Harbor Premier Dental, we take every step necessary to ensure our patients have the most protection available. Contact us today if you have any further questions or concerns about dental x-ray safety at (813) 289 – 0560.





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