Dental Healthcare Through Tax Season

April 14, 2016 by Dr. Khalil 0


We understand the financial hardships that tax season can bring. You don’t have to put your dental checkups and cleanings on the back burner due to financial concerns. Palm Harbor Premier Dental wants everyone to be able to have checkups, cleanings, and dental treatment no matter what their current financial situation. For this reason, we have several payment options in place on top of our affordable rates so that you and your family may stay on top of your dental healthcare through tax season.


Affordable Dental Healthcare Through Tax Season

Most dental insurances cover oral exams and cleanings every 6 months. However, we understand that some people are not covered under a dental insurance plans. We have set our cleaning, polish and exam fees at $97 to make certain that everyone has the opportunity to maintain excellent oral health. This is a total value of $207 and includes necessary dental x-rays.

Dental Financing

We gladly accept CareCredit financing for all of your dental treatment. CareCredit is a credit card with a set limit that is specifically designed to cover health expenses. You can apply right from their website here or read more information about CareCredit Financing.

For those that do not wish to get financing or have difficulty getting approved, we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

Emergency Dentistry

Staying on top of your dental checkups is essential for maintaining long-term oral health. Whether you have a dental injury or have let your routine checkup slide and are experiencing pain & discomfort, we would like to remind everyone that we offer emergency dental services. Our emergency examinations are $80, a regular value of $116! Read more about Emergency Dentistry.

Contact Us

Give us a call at (813) 289 – 0560 for any questions about your payment options and to schedule your next dental appointment. Our staff at Palm Harbor Premier Dental is ready to help you determine the best payment option for you if you need assistance.

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